Category: Testimonials

Vincent’s testimony, 38 years old

After more than two years of sick leave, Annick managed to restore my confidence in my ability to carry out an activity on regular basis despite pain and persistant tiredness.

By teaching me to segment my goals, measure my results and congratulate myself on my small successes, Annick allowed me to realize that my illness was not an insuperable obstacle.

Her strength and relevance, in my opinion, lies in her ability to provide specific and concrete advice to address each deadline without ever losing sight of the big picture. She is pragmatic but realistic, motivating but tolerant.

More than anything, she is able to adapt to any situation and give me the ingredients to achieve my goals. With her by my side, I finally feel more serene to continue my path towards a complete vocational rehabilitation.

Follow-up : A year after my first meeting with Annick, I am now embarking on a professional career in a totally new world. I can not believe how far we have come and the obstacles we have overcome thanks to Annick’s support. Despite the persistence of the disease, I manage to remove my limiting beliefs and continue to move on the path of a reorientation that allows me to glimpse a professional fulfillment long since disappeared.

Sylvie’s testimony, 49 years old

Coaching with Annick was very useful for taking a step back and having a more global vision of situations. It also allowed me to avoid over-reacting when my professional entourage, disregarding my state of health, allowed myself to think and make inappropriate judgments.
Today I tend to consider this type of behavior as clumsiness. I have set up strategies to adapt my activity to my energy level without always justifying myself. I learned to verbalize simply what annoys me, to express my needs. My work environment has a lot less influence on me. I have more confidence in myself.
Once again, thank you to Annick for her invaluable contribution.

Follow-up: Sylvie has integrated an audit position with demanding periods (travels and annual closings).
She manages her position by taking a step back, and adapting to different situations taking into account the traces of the disease (pain, limitations in movement).

Muriel’s testimony, 54 years old

Annick accompanied me on my return to work after a 10-month sick leave for a second breast cancer. Together we prepared my return, based on an inventory of the requirements of my previous missions and my current abilities and limits. The coaching allowed me to be in an active and constructive posture, while specifying to my employer my constraints, to clarify the situation completely
Thanks to this work, the interviews organizing my return both with the occupational doctor and my supervisor, were clear and led very quickly to a definition of terms that suited me. In my eyes, this is the guarantee of a solid and long term return to work .
After the recovery, Annick’s support allowed me to accept these new modalities myself, to define modes of intervention and new postures in my position, and to help me find a new balance between health, private life and professional life.
The alternation of different techniques used, role playing, simulations, corporal translation of situations, work on emotions, have made these coaching sessions playful, adapted over time and support.
All wrapped up in Annick’s caring, smiling and professional skills. A real pleasure. I warmly recommend to all those who want this moment of return to work to be an essential step in the road to recovery.

Follow-up: Muriel has resumed her work for a year, she has evolved very positively within her company in a new position and still with therapeutic adjustment of working time

Pauline’s testimony, 29

“With all its listening, its softness and the technique of NLP, Annick allowed me to take a step back on many situations, prepare at best a professional interview that has positively succeeded. Above all I have learn to give the place that I wish to my diabetes.

Follow-up: Thanks to this coaching, today I have an exciting new job and tools that allow me to listen to myself, regain confidence and have a balance in everyday life. “