Vincent’s testimony, 38 years old

After more than two years of sick leave, Annick managed to restore my confidence in my ability to carry out an activity on regular basis despite pain and persistant tiredness.

By teaching me to segment my goals, measure my results and congratulate myself on my small successes, Annick allowed me to realize that my illness was not an insuperable obstacle.

Her strength and relevance, in my opinion, lies in her ability to provide specific and concrete advice to address each deadline without ever losing sight of the big picture. She is pragmatic but realistic, motivating but tolerant.

More than anything, she is able to adapt to any situation and give me the ingredients to achieve my goals. With her by my side, I finally feel more serene to continue my path towards a complete vocational rehabilitation.

Follow-up : A year after my first meeting with Annick, I am now embarking on a professional career in a totally new world. I can not believe how far we have come and the obstacles we have overcome thanks to Annick’s support. Despite the persistence of the disease, I manage to remove my limiting beliefs and continue to move on the path of a reorientation that allows me to glimpse a professional fulfillment long since disappeared.

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