Sylvie’s testimony, 49 years old

Coaching with Annick was very useful for taking a step back and having a more global vision of situations. It also allowed me to avoid over-reacting when my professional entourage, disregarding my state of health, allowed myself to think and make inappropriate judgments.
Today I tend to consider this type of behavior as clumsiness. I have set up strategies to adapt my activity to my energy level without always justifying myself. I learned to verbalize simply what annoys me, to express my needs. My work environment has a lot less influence on me. I have more confidence in myself.
Once again, thank you to Annick for her invaluable contribution.

Follow-up: Sylvie has integrated an audit position with demanding periods (travels and annual closings).
She manages her position by taking a step back, and adapting to different situations taking into account the traces of the disease (pain, limitations in movement).

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